10+ Amazing Resident Clubhouse with Luxury Interior and Different Function Areas

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Take a look at this Skypark Mongkok a clubhouse that is design by breaking down all of the rules used on other clubhouses. Because of this, they are able to create amazing space with different areas and luxurious interior.

The wall is designed with concrete to create public areas that are transformable and open. This is the essence of this resident clubhouse that wanted to be achieve. Designed by Concreate Amsterdam, this building is located in high density space in Hong Kong.

The space is created to be luxurious to show the pride of people who are visiting the space. The design itself is inspired by Mongkok street which is narrow and makes it often crowded with people. However, the street itself is very unique and beautiful that makes it a great inspiration to take on.

Inside, you will be able to find various area with different function that used by people to connect with each other. The areas are designed with great detail to show the proper clubhouse feels in Hong Kong that is filled with luxury. You can see this from the lighting, furniture and various details on the structure itself.

The building itself also uses detailed from Mongkok Street by applying concreate wall on the interior. This is used as a metaphor to show that people would be able to escape from the busy life in metropolis area in the clubhouse with their rooftop establishment.

There are a few areas on the clubhouse that can be used by the visitors. Kitchen, bar and library is located on the opposite of swimming pool and art galleries. All of those can be utilized by the members of the clubhouse. Outside there is giant staircase that connect the building with a park. Here are the amazing resident clubhouse that is designed with luxurious interior and different area for your inspiration.

image source : pinterest.com

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Lisa Hale