10+ Awesome Home Theater Decor: 10 Film Posters That Won’t Look Tacky

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Having a home theater at home is really good thing. That is why, you need to carefully decorate it. There is various home theater decor that you can use. One of the most common items is to use film poster as decoration. This item could often be seen in a movie theater as decoration, which is why you also need to also use it in your home.

But you need to be careful when using the film poster at homes so it would not look tacky. There are a few things that you can do to get the decoration appear interesting and does not appear tacky.

First you need to frame the movie poster. This frame is also useable to protect the movie poster especially if you have poster that is rare or vintage. But you also need to choose the frame carefully since it would become part of your home theater decor.

You need to match the frame with the theme that you use in the home theater. Make sure you use the same frame for every film poster unless you want everything to appear differently. It is better when the poster frame has similar or the same size.

When you hang the film poster, try to add some lights. This is useable to highlight the film poster so it will appear more interesting. Of course, you need to use something that have adjustable intensity so you can find the right feeling.

Choose the right spot for the film posters. Usually you can hang the film poster around the seating area to make it appear more interesting. If it possible, try to group the same film on the same wall to set up a theme for your decor. There are a few film posters that would not look tacky when used as item for home theater decor.

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Lisa Hale