8 Lovely A Traditional House Surrounded by Birch Trees

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Traditional home has very beautiful appearance especially when surrounded by natural birch trees. The house itself have white color that makes a great contrast with the natural birch trees color. It is design in traditional style but the white color makes it fresh and modern looking.

This house itself is located in Canada and created from scratch by people from ACDF architecture. It is attached to the other house using bridge with glass wall. That way, the bridge can connect the two houses internally. But you can still enjoy beautiful birch trees from the bridge because of the glass wall.

Do not worry as the interior itself is actually very modern. With the use of white color as the main. Then they also use black color as the accent color. To unite it with the outdoor area wooden countertop is chosen on the bathroom.

Glass door can be seen throughout the house. One of the walls in the bedroom have large glass wall that make it feels open. This concept is also use on the bathroom which unite the interior with the surrounding traditional home area. The glass really frames the birch trees outside beautifully.

On the bridge that connect the two houses, some natural element is added. Wooden material is chosen as the material for the flooring and the ceiling. That way, even though the bridge uses open concept but it still feels warm. This surely give huge contrast during winter when everything outside is white.

This concept is use throughout the house where you can see a lot of wooden panel is use as decoration. On the breakfast nook, this wooden panel give great contrast with the black accent use on the wall. The glass wall itself is framed with black color for more dramatic effect. You can see the beauty of this traditional home which surrounded by birch trees here.

image source : pinterest.com

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Lisa Hale