10+ Inspiring DIY Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden

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By using herb garden ideas then you will be able to get fresh herbs to use for your cooking. This is useful when you want to have a new DIY project when the spring comes. This project can be done in various ways. But one of the unique ways is by using mason jar that you hang somewhere.

The mason jar itself is very suitable planter to grow the herb. It is also unique in shape; thus, you can have a beautiful hanging garden at home. But when you want to make this garden first you need to choose the right spot. This is important so the herbs will get the right amount of energy so it could grow.

Next thing that you need is to choose the herbs to plant. There are various herbs so you can choose things that you actually like to use when cooking. Usually, you will be able to find young potted herb to sell in your local garden supply.

While you are shopping, try to find the right mason jar for herb garden ideas. It is better when the mason jar has the right size since you need to fit the potted herb later on. Once you are arrived at home, it is time to plant the herb onto the mason jar.

You need to first insert the rock and potting soil into the mason jar. Then you need to take out the herb from its original pot. Plant the herb into the mason jar then add more soil if needed so it will be buried under the soil.

Now you need to find a way to hang the mason jar. You can use cable, rope, or hook that comes with the mason jar to hang it. Here are some herb garden ideas using mason jar to create DIY hanging herb garden that you can use at home.

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