8 Cool and Minimalist Japanese Interior Design in Your Home

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Japanese interior design is very beautiful design that combine with zen element that makes it fells serene. It is suitable for minimalist theme in your home since it pays attention to uncluttered and clean style. it is modest and simple which taken from Japanese culture. But it also appears very beautiful and calming.

Those who want to use this style in their house should try to add some natural element into the interior design. Respecting and loving nature had always been part of Japanese culture. You can use something traditional such as bonsai or bamboo. But you can always use any greenery that you want.

Do not forget to add a soaking tub in the bathroom, one in Japanese style. with wooden and material combined with water element it will surely make the space feels more tranquil. Furthermore, you can soak yourself in the tub to relax and enjoy the calming atmosphere.

If you want to add more authentic Japanese interior design element, you can try to use shoji. Of course, this Japanese screen is hard to use since it is made of paper. Instead of using the traditional material, you can exchange the paper with glass material.

Wooden material is important part of this interior design. That is why, you need to use it as part of the design in your home. You can use either bamboo or other wooden material that you like. Then create an accent wall made from wooden plank. Do not add too much detail since it need to be clean lined.

For the furniture, you can try to combine modern interior with Japanese style one. Use one that is lower in height to get more authentic approach on the style. As for the Japanese interior design ideas, you can try to see what we have here. With minimalist style this design can be use in your home.

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Lisa Hale