13 Elegan Design for Small Space Living Decorating Ideas

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Those that have small space living then you need to use elegant design to make it more organized. Since the space is small, then you might not be able to get everything in the open. It is a good idea to use the space as effective as possible.

First you can try to hide the table into the kitchen cabinet. That way, you can pull out the table when you need it to work or to dine. For the seating, try to add bench on the wall which cab be used by two people. Additional stool can be added if necessary.

Of course, if there are space beside the kitchen them it is also great to use. Foldable table can be installed on the wall. To make the wall more interesting try to add wallpaper with pattern. This wallpaper will give the area more interesting point.

Small space living means everything should be use effectively. Besides having foldable desk for you to work on. The bench on the wall can also be use as storage. Under the bench can be pull out as a cabinet to store the items that you need. It might be small storage but still very valuable.

Especially since you can put extra stool on the space that you can take out when necessary. For the wall itself, try to create storage from the bottom to the top. Using different material will make the appearance more interesting. Some lighting can be use on the top most cabinet to make it more visible.

For the bed itself can be folded into the wall. Then you can open the bed only at night when you need to sleep. That way, the bed will not take too much space in the room. You might need to use ladder to get into the bed. Here are other small space living ideas that you can use.

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Lisa Hale