15+ Modern Building with Different Uses on the Five Levels

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Modern building usually created with a lot of levels. That is why, there are different uses on each level on that building. This is great if the building is used for commercial purpose. But you can also use this concept on your own house.

For commercial building the first level usually used as entrance to the retail area. This level usually comes in big entrance to make it easier for more people to access the building. Then if you want to use this concept at home, then you can use this level as the garage. The garage door that is big can be created with this concept.

If there are backyard on the back area of the building. You can also create different entrance to the backyard area. That way, it will be easier to access the backyard even from the first floor. But it is also great if you can give access to backyard from different level.

To get into higher level staircase is used on the interior. You can use open staircase to give more modern feeling. This is great on building that uses minimalist theme on the interior. But you can also use different concept on each level.

On commercial building the floor usually created as store. Thus, there would be need to use glass wall on the side of the store. That way, the customer can view the items when they pass by. You can also create display area around the glass wall to attract more customer inside.

Lighting is very important thing for those who does not want to use glass wall. Sometimes it is more comfortable to use closed wall instead of glass wall. Especially for more private area such as restaurant or bars. Here is some modern building that have five different levels. Each level is created with different uses for commercial purpose.

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Lisa Hale