18+ Inspiring Small Laundry Room Storage Ideas

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The laundry room may be a part that can’t be removed just like that in the house. Even though it only has a very small size, the laundry room still has a function. As the name implies, this room is a place where you will do the washing, especially everyday clothes at home.

Even though it only has a small laundry room, you can decorate it to be interesting to look at and also use. Just do some creativity and also do DIY techniques, you will be able to decorate your small laundry room cheaply, easily, simply, but interestingly.

The main problem for a small room is the very limited layout of the space. For this reason, you must be very creative to be able to take advantage of all the gaps that if still can be used and optimized for other purposes. An example of this is to use the ceiling to make your clothes dryer.

Besides, you can also take advantage of certain spaces. For example, if there is a corner area that is not used, even though it is small. To use it you can use a cupboard or rack to place various equipment for your needs later. Whether it’s for laundry or other purposes.

Limiting each area in the house is an appropriate measure to emphasize which areas are separate from other areas. To do this you can use curtain installation to limit your small laundry room to another room, instead of using a door. Using curtains can also add aesthetics to your laundy room too.

If you are already using a door, then try to optimize the area in the door. Although trivial, if you observe the door area can also be used as a storage area. Simply add it by mounting the rack to place various tools into the rack at the door later.

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Lisa Hale