18+ Wonderful DIY Wooden Planter Box Design Ideas for Outdoor

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After the planter boxes are attached, drill extra holes in the base of the boxes to permit them to drain well. Even though you may think the sole kind of planter box is the classic wooden planter box, there are in fact dozens of distinct designs. DIY planter box is an easy but efficient medium to display your favourite plants.

Conclusion As you may see, there are various varieties of planter boxes. Moreover, planter boxes are usually referred to as large compartments or tubs, which may significantly possess several kinds of plants. If you’ll be building large planter boxes, you’ll need to cut bigger boards.

You can create a planter box despite super straightforward instruments and materials. A planter box is among the many things which you can create out of leftover parts of wood from preceding projects or from boards salvaged from old fences or barns. You are able to make your very own concrete planter boxes, or you may buy them.

The boxes may have a good bottom or can be hollow, based on whether you wish in order to relocate them if necessary or when you desire them to be a form of raised garden beds. Thus, let’s get going on figuring out how to create a planter box. For instance, you can cut a little box inside a thicker book to produce the planter, or glue more books with each other to make a bigger box.

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Lisa Hale