20+ Stunning Ideas To Clutter-Free Kitchen Countertops

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Using kitchen countertop décor need to be done carefully. Especially when you do not want the kitchen counter to appear cluttered with all of the decorations. But do not worry as there are some ideas that you can do to clean it.

First you can try to use hanging basket. This basket is very beautiful in shape; thus, it is also great for decoration. The best thing is, since it is hanged then it does not use any space in your countertop. That means, you can keep the countertop of your kitchen clutter free.

Usually microwave can take too big space in the countertop. Especially when you do not use build in one. To cope with this problem, try to move the microwave on the lower cabinet. That way, you can have it outside the countertop but still easy to reach and use.

Try to utilize every possible space that you have in the cabinet. For example, if you have cutting board do not left it on the countertop. Unless you want to use it as kitchen countertop déecor, then you might want to store the other. Put organizer in the cabinet door to store the boards.

Meanwhile for the other cooking utensils, you can actually try to hang them. Unless you have pretty container to organize them on the countertop, it is better to move them up. It will also be useable as decoration around the backsplash area. The right organizer might be needed to hung them.

Adding more storage is a nice idea that you can use to keep the countertop from clutter. To do this, you can install some hanging shelves besides the kitchen cabinet. That way, you can put the items on the shelves or even decorate it beautifully. Here are kitchen countertop decor that you can use to keep the are clutter free with stunning ideas to apply

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