23 Amazing Meditative and Exhilarating Architectural Tour with Cutting-Edge Design

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Having a holiday home is something that everyone wants. If you really want to build one, then you should pay attention to the design. You need to have an amazing architectural design which appear stunning. Especially when you want to have meditative as well as exhilarating appearance for the holiday home.

Take a look at this Boxhouse located in Laurel Canyon that build on high ground situated up high of LA city. This holiday home has amazing design that appear stunning. It is built with combination of modern design in natural approach to give more meditative atmosphere.

You can see from the rectangular shape which makes it appear like a box as in its name boxhouse. This design is very modern with straight line and slim design that makes it appear minimalist and trendy.

However, since the boxhouse uses wooden material, then the appearance looked more natural. The minimalist design combined with this natural material makes the house appearance warmer and more comfortable.

This is something that you might want to get for a modern holiday home. Especially those who want to have modern style holiday home with warm design without having to use traditional theme such as cabin house.

The best thing about this design is the many glass window on the side of the house. The glass window is designed to be tall to allow maximum amount of sunlight to enter the building. This means, you will be able to enjoy the outside view easier.

As you build the house as holiday home, surely you want to be able to relax or meditate while enjoying the view. You can sit inside the house while facing at the window to get that feeling easily. It will also unite the interior and outdoor area. If you want, try to see more detail on the architectural design of this home here.

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Lisa Hale