25+ Top Office Building Designs 2018

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Office building design is the face of the company. This is why, it needs to be carefully thought of before built. People will see the building as they see the company. And sometimes it is also used as a means of branding for the company. This is why having unique building architecture design is important.

Designing the office could not be done in a brim. There are various things that should be considered beforehand. The important thing is to understand the value of the building for the company itself. It could affect the image of the company in the public view. This is why, everything needs to be plan thoroughly.

For a big company, image is very important. The office building could be one of the images of the company that is presented to the public. This the office building design should also suit the branding of the company itself.

For example, if the company pays attention to nature, ecology and various other things in their CSR. Then they also need to show this image on the office building. That is by creating an ecofriendly building that blends the nature with the architecture of the office.

Another idea that can be implemented to use the specialty of the company to be the shape of the building. For example, for an airline company they might be able to create building in the shape of an airplane. This will appear very unique thus it could be use to promote the company itself.

Do not forget when designing a building for any company there are some regulations that need to be followed. Thus, the design should be able to accommodate and follow the regulation set by the local area. As for the design itself, you can be as creative as you could. Here are some office building design that have top appearance to be use as your inspiration.

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