28 Beautiful DIY Pergola Design Ideas

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DIY pergola can be a solution for home owners who need to get some shade in their backyard. This will also make your backyard become more special because of the space. Furthermore, you can find various style and shape to use in the pergola.

For example, you can try to make pergola with adjustable panel for the roof. This panel will allow you to adjust the amount of sunlight that you get in the pergola. Thus, you can try to create seating in the pergola to enjoy the sunlight when needed.

Those that want to get something simple, you can try to build wood pergola. This pergola is very versatile as you can adjust the setting according to your needs. You can also install stone platform under the structure to make the space more stylish. Since the design is simple, then beginners can try to create it yourself.

If you already have deck on your backyard, then you need DIY pergola that can be build on top of it. The structure of the pergola is created to unite with the structure of the deck. That way, it can be built easier without having to destroy the deck.

Do not forget that you can actually customize the material that you use on your DIY plan. You can choose various woods that is more suitable with your backyard. Of course, you need to choose woods that are strong and sturdy. You can also add other material such as metal to make the appearance more unique.

Next thing that you can customize is the color of the pergola. Usually people like to maintain the wooden color on the material used. However, you can actually paint it with other color such as white to make the appearance more unique. Here are some DIY pergola designs that you can use as ides with remarkable options to choose.

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