33 Cool Stone Veneer Wall Design Ideas

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If you want more natural wall design then you should try to use stone veneer exterior. This item is veneer that you can attach to the exterior wall. Thus it will make the exterior wall appear as if it is made from stone.

This veneer is very good to be use since it is very lightweight. Thus you can install it on area that cannot hold heavy structure. It can be use as solution if you cannot use real stone on the structure since the stone usually very heavy. Thus, you should not have to sacrifice the design because of this problem.

You need to be very careful when choosing this item. Especially for those that comes in sections. Those sections are usually pre arranged. This means the pattern is already arranged beforehand. Thus you cannot create your own pattern if you use this type of veneer in your wall.

But do not worry since there are also stone veneer exterior that comes in single. You can use this veneer to create your own pattern as you like. That way, the exterior pattern would be more unique and different from the pre arranged one.

Do not forget that there are a lot of stones types that used on this veneer. Those stones are quarts, slate, limestone, sandstone, brick and many others. That is why, you need to choose the right stone that suit your exterior. Pay attention to your exterior theme then choose the right material that suit the theme.

Besides the material, you need to also choose the color of the stone. Some stone might come in warm shade while other comes cold shade. Thus, you need to determine which atmosphere that you want in your house exterior before choosing the shade. Here are some stone veneer exterior ideas that you can use to create the best wall design for your house.

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Lisa Hale