35+ Creative Of The Best DIY Mason Jar Crafts You’ll Love to Make

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Mason jar crafts can be your next DIY project that you will love to create. This material is very versatile and you can use it to create various things. Furthermore, the mason jar is very trendy item even though some might think that it is old fashioned. But if you design it correctly, you can match the mason jar with any style.

First you can try to use it to store items in your kitchen. Try to choose mason jar that have the same style. Then add some labels on the mason jar for each item that you will put inside. Try to separate the items according to the category such as utensils, spoons and any other cutlery.

If you need a centerpiece to be use in the table, then you can also create it using mason jar. Pick of a shape that you want to have on the surface of the jar. Then cover the shape on the jar before painting it. You can then insert a candle to create beautiful centerpiece.

Adding flower might be a nice mason jar crafts idea if you want it to appear more pretty. But you might want to DIY the mason jar to make the vase more interesting. For example, you can paint the surface of the jar then add glitter to make it appear beautiful. Afterwards you can insert the flower to complete the design.

As mason jar can be use to be container, you can always use it as planter. Try to create terrarium with this mason jar for unique look. Or you can even create herb garden using mason jar as the pot. Since it can hold soil and water, then you can grow the plant inside the mason jar easily. Here are other DIY mason jar crafts that you can try to create. They have very creative design.

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