35+ Stunning Diy Floating Shelves Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Installing a DIY floating shelf isn’t hard. Do you want to know why? Because you can install it by yourself. You don’t need to hire and pay a professional interior designer to install floating shelves, it will be a waste of money, money for the shelves and for service. It is best for you to do it yourself, especially if your financial condition is not good.

In language, DIY meaning itself is an activity of decorating, building, or repairing something at home by yourself rather than employing someone professional. This is the best method you could ever think. You can save some of your money in the wallet, and good for health because of sweat while installing a DIY floating shelf.

For a minimalist house, DIY floating shelves that is suitable for you are shelves with neutral colors. It is best for people who are living in a small house with small rooms. Commonly, neutral colors give an impression of a spacious room, which makes these colors be the best match for a small room. The common neutral colors usually people use are white or gray, they also painted the wall to make the room really looks neutral. There are also some variations of neutral colors that are suitable for girls. This color is the pastel colors, usually like gray and pink combined lightly and look so feminine.

Installing DIY floating shelves in the living room is not hard. They are basically just a board of wood and some long concrete nails. At first, you only have to attach the long nails into the wall, make sure that the nails are hard, balanced, and sturdy enough to hold the wood board above it. After that, you can put the board above the nails. Congratulations, you just installed a DIY shelf without help from any professional.

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