35+ Stunning Small Cottage House Plan Designs Ideas

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Selecting a house design is a grand decision for you because it will influence how you live on your home. Furthermore, modern house designs need to cover a lot of different areas like multi-uses space, smaller house ideas, open-plan living room and many other ideas. Furthermore, when it downs to style design, there are a lot of beautiful styles that could suit your needs, such as from barn to farmhouse, concrete to modern house, and many more. Hence, here are some small cottage house plan design ideas that could match perfectly with some of your DIY wooden projects.

Modern suburban cottage

Nowadays many people are looking for small cottages in clusters of tree-lined streets. They are highly recommended and popular. Many people are looking for them because of their pettiness, but some people also find it a bit inconvenient for today’s living. This modern suburban cottage will look great with additional DIY wooden projects such as a coffee table outside your door along with a couple of DIY wooden bar stools in whitewash or ivory colour. Additionally, you could also add address number wall and planter from your own DIY woods project to your modern suburban cottage.

Understated cottage

Another small cottage house plan design ideas for you is understated cottage house. Don’t be wrong, even though the house looks small and simple, but the interior of this house are full of extravagant features. They are such as, vaulted ceiling that is mixed with an amazing room kitchen as well as a dining area. The master bedroom also fitted with an ensuite bathroom. Furthermore, this small understated cottage could be more perfect with an additional 2×4 farmhouse coffee table of your DIY wooden project along with a couple of DIY wooden bar stools that you could place on the terrace. And then, you could enjoy your morning or evening coffee with your family or loved ones there.

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