45+ Creative Ideas For Contemporary Living Room Design

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Having a cozy, classy, and contemporary living room at once is possible to do and you can get right now. You only need to have the idea and know where to start decorating this room beyond your imagination. Hire a professional is your option, but do it yourself can fulfill self-satisfaction.

Keep in mind that contemporary design is quite different from the modern design living room. Modern design is mostly implemented to wooden material, while contemporary design is related to metal or glass material. When you want your living room “contemporary”, then imagine the room will be soothing, cool, and calm.

The selection of the color must be neutral, such as black, gray, cream, tan, or white. But, don’t worry if you want to play with brighter colors for certain furniture in that room because it can create your room harmonious, not monotonous. Avoid complicated patterns because they really clash with contemporary style.

White wall is perfect for a contemporary vibe. But, there is a living room design for a wall that chooses green to create the texture, but all around it is full of black and white. The addition of a rug with a simple abstract pattern is also good. The zebra pattern for your rug is also contemporary to be added to your living room.

The sofa of your living room can be the defining factor of the selection of rugs. The most important thing that must be on the couch is cushions. Choose the neutral, soft colors, or red velvet color on a white sofa is also lit. You can choose patterned cushions for your sofa.

An open-space living room can create a contemporary atmosphere. Contemporary design is about simplicity but still elegant. So, space your room up and sort out useless things.
So, have you decided where to start making your own contemporary living room design? It is easy if you keep the rule in your mind.

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Lisa Hale