45+ Elegant Simple Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas for Small Space

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Choosing the right kitchen cabinet design is very important especially when you have small space. You do not want to waste your space for something that is too cluttered. But you still want to have beautiful cabinet to be use in the kitchen. This is why, you need to be careful when choosing the design.

First you can try to choose cabinet that has simple door. Straight line with simple design without any handle work best for small space. This design is simple but still appear interesting and modern. Since it appears expensive, your kitchen will look more elegant.

Using bright color for the cabinet is a good choice. Since small space in the kitchen will be even smaller when you choose dark color. But if you really want to use the dark color, then you can use it as accent color.

If it is possible when installing kitchen cabinet design then you might not want to use any upper cabinet. That way, you will have more open kitchen that make the space appear larger. Instead of cabinet you can install some hanging shelves on top of the cabinet.

Another idea that you can use if you really want to use upper cabinet is by using glass door. That way, the upper cabinet feels open and would not obstruct any view because of the door. Furthermore, you can display your favorite dishware on the cabinet since it has glass door to see them.

The counter above the kitchen cabinet can be use as an interesting point on your design. You can try to choose countertop material that is in contrast with the cabinet material. Dramatic effect can be achieved when you use contrasting color on the countertop. But remember to keep them clutter free. Here is some kitchen cabinet design that you can use for small space with elegant style.

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Lisa Hale