59+ Small Rustic Farmhouse Dining Room Makeover Ideas

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Farmhouse dining room is very popular design that a lot of people want to achieve these days. Especially with rustic decoration that makes the space even more unique. You need to use this makeover ideas to achieve the best result for your small dining room.

The best thing about this farmhouse design is that the theme will make your dining room feels warm. This will surely make the space become more inviting which is great if you love to entertain. Even when you use it for your family, you will also feel warmer in the space.

First, you need to choose the right dining table. You can try to use rustic dining table with vintage detail for more authentic appearance. Try to find table that is sturdy and solid since it is the main item for your dining space. For the finish, usually it should be in natural color or if you want more rustic appearance unfinished wood can also be used.

For those who have limited space you can always use kitchen island as dining table. But do not forget to use farmhouse dining chair to complete the appearance. Of course, you also need to use this item in your farmhouse dining room to complete the table setting.

Do not worry as you can mix and match a few chairs with different style for your dining room. This is the one thing about farmhouse theme that makes it more fun to use. You can even use bench if you want friendlier atmosphere.

Next is to pay attention to the decoration around the table. Choose the right pendant lighting to go on top of the table. Rustic pendant with metal material would be great to use. This will give a nice contrast because of the metal material and color. For the other decoration, here is farmhouse dining room that you can use as ideas.

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